How do we track our way to the bottom of our customers' satisfactory heartline? By placing emphasis on the constant improvement of our service division, which is the backbone in our portfolio of great services. Our belief in excellent service and efficiency pushes us to deliver our vision into an everyday reality. As customers' relationship management (CRM) is highly valued, EUROSTAR TRACTORS take pride in constantly maintaining a database of satisfied customers. Now you know we don't just let the performance and value of our products speak for themselves.

At EUROSTAR TRACTORS, we are committed to overall services to our clients. As an added value, our consultants will always thoroughly evaluate clients' wants and needs, so they can better recommend type of machine, cost-efficiency methods and general operations solutions—to maximize output and minimize cost in the long run. In short, we are looking for long-term relationships with our customers and to assist them to achieve maximum cost-efficiency.

As our priorities are excellence and quality, EUROSTAR's consultants will provide a thorough consultation programme to clients, covering everything from the basic maintenance of the machineries to cost-efficiency methods in operating the machineries. Our skilled engineers, who possess more than 20 years' experience, have weathered training both locally and abroad.

The company also provides a full-fledged maintenance service. It is, after all, famed for its prompt and reliable routine service maintenance—which is both thorough and cost-efficient—a trait unique to the company in the heavy machineries industry.

To minimize downtime, we also recommend an inventory of spare parts to our clients, who will always be ensured of the availability and accessibility of EUROSTAR parts. Meanwhile, our 7 branches, mapped across Malaysia, will see that after-sales services are well taken care of.

We aim to put our clients' minds at ease in times of need while we take care of the problem. As our clients have higher demands in their machinery solutions, we will always be on hand to advice and assist them to move on to the peak of their business growth.

EUROSTAR TRACTORS are continually geared to meet the growing needs of all tractors and heavy machineries buyers. As such, we also offer consultation services for mechanization to both clients and non-clients. As the company believes in being an all-rounded service and solutions provider, it thus strives to offer everything from operations solutions and cost-efficiency management to best practices.